Maths at Highcliffe

Maths at Highcliffe

We use White Rose maths and follow the national programme of study:

Our mastery approach is focused around teaching for depth rather than breadth; concepts are taught to the class until the majority have mastered them, whilst also being presented with opportunities to deepen understanding through looking for patterns, making connections through solving calculations in a variety of ways, and drawing upon number sense to make generalisations and solve problems.

Although in many cases, all children will have the opportunity to access the same task, children working at greater depth would be expected to show greater independence when using strategies such as trial and error, systematic working and checking strategies (for example using the inverse to check).

Teachers draw on a range of resources to create the best possible learning environment for our pupils. It is expected that there will be reasoning as part of every lesson, although much of this will be oral. Talk partners will be used to enable the children to verbalise and discuss their understanding and depth of understanding will be provided through encouraging children to make connections, teach a friend, solve or use in a different way.

Classes are taught as mixed ability groups. Although the majority of children are in a mixed ability class, some children will be targeted to work in a smaller group with an adult. Our aim is to help these children make connections and give them a solid foundation, so that they can move towards working at a level closer to that of their peers. They may spend time revisiting earlier number concepts using CPA (Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract) approaches.

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