All children take part in music-making, with music featuring as an integrated part of a child’s learning experience as well as being a discrete subject.


In the early years there is an emphasis on the singing of simple songs, singing games, music and movement, playing classroom instruments and exploring sound from a variety of sources.  Our aim is to develop aural perception, practical skills, co-ordination and self-discipline and at the same time, encourage understanding and enjoyment.


From these very simple beginnings children move on to a more sophisticated and extended music curriculum which allows them to experience the three main components of music; listening, composing and performing.  These aspects are enhanced by a variety of approaches.  Children listen to music in assemblies; it may be listening to recordings by famous musicians representing different genres of music; it may be listening to other children singing or playing instruments; it may be listening to a live performance by professional musicians.


Children in years three to years six have the opportunity to receive tuition in violin, brass and woodwind, provided by the Tees Valley Music Service. There is a school choir which meets after school each week.



It is our belief that an ability to enjoy listening to and participating in music can give our children a more enjoyable life as adults and much of our work in music is to provide children with this opportunity.

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