The essential characteristic of science in the primary school is that it introduces children to the methods of science.  Our aim in science is to give children the appropriate opportunities to:

·         make observations

·         select observations relevant to their investigations for further study

·         design and carry out experiments, to test suggested explanations

·         to apply acquired knowledge to investigations

·         to interpret and present results

·         to select and use the appropriate equipment and to handle this safely and effectively



The science teaching in the school should give opportunities, through practical work and experiential learning, for children to gain knowledge and understanding.  Our aims include developing in children a scientific approach to their work, predicting, testing and making revised predictions on the result of the test.  The work in science is topic based and will involve talking about and writing up findings as the children progress in age and ability.  We hope to develop a scientific way of looking at the world and an ability to find out about it.  Topics may include air, water, animals and their homes, transport, bridges and moving things.  The National Curriculum guides the planning of the Science curriculum. 

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