Religious Education is provided within the framework of the Local Authority’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.  If the parents of any child attending school request that their child be excused from attendance at collective worship or religious education lessons, the child may be excused. We would ask that parents and carers meet with the RE Lead and/or Headteacher, for an individual discussion prior to making this decision.



An act of collective worship is held every day, either in assemblies or individual classrooms. Assemblies are held at least four times a week and comprise of whole school (spiritual, moral, social and cultural), music (KS2), birthday (KS1), RE stories (KS1) good work and celebration. In our assemblies we try to promote desirable moral and social values, and values such as caring for each other and caring about our school and our community are encouraged.  Assemblies where good work, positive attitudes and behaviours are celebrated, promote children’s self-esteem.  They provide an opportunity for children to demonstrate how they are making their world a better place in which to live.  We endeavour to promote honesty, sincerity and tolerance through a caring attitude to all people whatever their religion or race and to take on a role as part of the school community and the community outside of the school.   We hope to help children to learn of and from other religions with the purpose that they will be more understanding and tolerant of diverse beliefs and cultures.

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