The school has its own kitchen and meals are served everyday.  It is a cafeteria system with two choices of main course, a range of accompaniments and desserts. In addition, there is a salad bar available every day. Menus are displayed in the corridor leading into the lunch hall, so that children can make an informed choice. Sample menus are also shown below. Children taking a school meal are provided with water or they may choose milk or fresh fruit juice as part of their dessert course.

School Menu 2015

Salad Bar

Children can bring packed lunches in suitable plastic containers.  Non-fizzy drinks are allowed in plastic containers or small plastic bottles.  We ask that children do not bring hot drinks, as this can be dangerous.  We also ask that children do not bring sweets, chocolate bars or nut products as part of their packed meal as we try to promote healthy and safe eating for all children. Guidance is shown below.

Children demonstrating polite table manners and eating a balanced meal, either a school or packed lunch, may be rewarded by being nominated to sit at our “Star Diner” tables for a week. They are invited to lunch before the other children and dine at specially decorated tables, with table cloths, crockery and flower arrangements.

At present the cost of a school meal is £2.00 per day. All Reception and KS1 children may take a free school meal, as part of a government initiative.

Free meals are available for KS2 children from families in receipt of certain benefits; all such matters are dealt with in confidence and application forms are available from the school office.


We urge families to still register for free school meals, even if your child will receive a free meal as part of the KS1 initiative. Pupil Premium funding means that an additional £1320 is budgeted to primary schools for each child eligible for free school meals. This funding is used for a wealth of activities to support children, including tuition, additional teaching staff, Booster groups, resources, educational visit subsidies, the Counselling Service and Nurture Group.

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