We believe that teachers, parents and carers have much to offer each other.

Active co-operation and partnership between home and school is one of the most positive elements in your child’s education. By encouraging your child to learn with interest and enthusiasm at home you can complement the teaching experiences provided in school. Your support is invaluable, whether it be going on educational visits, helping your child at home, or letting us know as soon as possible if something is happening at home that may affect your child.

If you are actively involved in your child’s education by supporting learning at home, your child will really benefit in school. You can do this by sharing books, writing, learning spelling and tables and helping your child to research topics and find information.


During the school year we offer various activities to help parents and carers support children, and to celebrate their achievements:

·         “Welcome meetings” – all you need to know about the routines and curriculum in your child’s new class, from PE days to topics covered to the written calculation methods taught in mathematics;

·         Early Years Foundation Stage themed days: Phonics, early reading, mathematics, Easter crafts;

·         Nursery “Stay and Play”;

·         Themed events: E-Safety, “Growing Up”, preparation for residential visits, summer holiday activity suggestions;

·         Christmas productions, Enterprise Fair, Sports Days;

·         Family campouts and ecological projects.

Parental consultations are held termly (annually for Nursery), and a termly report is also written for each child in full time school.


Here is our Home-School Agreement, outlining what you can expect from school, and what we would ask in return.



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