Top ten family activities to support learning

Key Stage Two



1.  In summer, spend a day at the beach walking barefoot, jumping small waves, rock-pooling, building sandcastles, flying a kite and eating ice-cream.


2.  Walk in the woods in different seasons, kicking leaves, conkering, climbing a tree.


3.  In winter, run and fall in the snow, go sledging and build a snowman.


4.  Bake a cake and lick the bowl clean.


5.  Go for a picnic in the countryside or park.


6.  Build dens and play hide and seek in the woods.


7.  Sleep out in the back garden and look at the stars on a clear night.


8.  Read a long book to your child at bedtime over a period of time.


9.  Make a scrap book.


10.      Use public transport (bus/train) to make a long journey and let your child pay for the ticket themselves.

Top 10 Family Activities

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