Top ten family activities to support learning

Foundation Stage


  1. Share a love of reading with familiar stories and nursery rhymes.

-       Join your local library

-       Use our home loan book scheme to widen your child’ reading experiences

-       Encourage early reading skills by looking at print/signs in the environment.

  1. Encourage speaking and listening skills during conversation. 

-       Remember to take those dummies out before children speak!

-       Ask your child simple questions – What? Why? When? Where? How?

  1. Support writing for a reason; create shopping lists, birthday cards, labels etc with your child.
  2. Build an awareness of numeracy skills through practical activities involving counting, shape, money and time.
  3. Feel free to take worksheets home to reinforce and extend weekly work within school.
  4. Get out and about in the local environment, there are a wealth of opportunities to be had.

-       Visit the park, go to the beach, take a bus trip.

-       In Nursery help your child to find interesting items to bring in related to our topic work.

-       In Reception support your child to find interesting items about their culture and home to share in our Show and Tell sessions.

  1. Introduce your child to everyday technology and its uses.

-       Use the computer, discuss the keyboard and mouse and how to use it.

-       Show your child how to switch on a CD player, talk about the buttons and what they do.

  1. Promote early language skills by encouraging your child to say simple phrases which will help them progress to more complex sentences.

-       In Nursery help your child to bring in objects for the colour table to discuss.

-       In Reception enjoy taking our ‘weekend bear home’ writing in his diary enabling children to further their language skills and share home experiences with their friends in class.

  1. Play indoor and outdoor games with your child.

-       Encourage turn-taking, sharing, number skills etc.


  1. Participate in opportunities to come in to school whenever possible. Keep an eye out for our open afternoons, craft days and trips.

Top 10 Family Activities

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