At Highcliffe, we believe that, through art, children can develop skills, imagination, self-discipline and the capacity to make decisions and solve problems.  Creative work should develop self-esteem and confidence.


Art values diversity and personal response.  Rather than there being a “right” answer there are many answers as there are individuals.  It is important to value and support the individual child’s self-image as an artist.


We have a duty to educate the whole child and aesthetic judgements can be made in a more informed way if the child has experienced an appropriate level of art education.  The work that we do in this area is developmental and wide-ranging.  We aim to allow the children access to as wide a variety of art media as possible thereby giving them maximum opportunity to find the most suitable medium for their work. 


We believe that as the children develop, their representational work reflects a more mature form and as they acquire the skill of colour mixing are able to anticipate the results of their efforts.  We also hope that they will become confident and able to express themselves through their artwork.



By carefully mounting and displaying work we are able to stimulate and inspire the children into wanting to produce work of a high standard and that our displays reflect the value we put on this area of the curriculum.

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